On behalf of the Inter-District Committee welcome to our Website. Here you will find weekly updates and results from the weekly Inter-District tournament.

The Inter-District is a travelling tournament which started in 1965 and has run in the greater Sydney area continuously every year since then. We are currently in our 54th year of competition.

The tournament is run under the banner of Tenpin Sydney which is the trading name of the Greater Sydney Tenpin Bowling Association (G.S.T.B.A) which was formed in 1963.


Each year starting in February and continuing for 39 weeks teams of 5 bowlers complete three scratch games head to head with points won for individual pinfall, game pinfall total and grand total pinfall with 19 points available from each match.

Each team may have up to 8 bowlers registered which may be all men or ladies or any combination of the two and must have at least three registered team members to form a legal line up for each match. The other two positions can be taken by roving reserves or any bowler for which and average can be established and who is registered with the Tournament and the TBA.

In 2019 we are competing in the following centres: AMF Rooty Hill, Wetherill Park Bowl, Windsor Bowl and Tenpin City.

Each of these centres sponsor teams to bowl in the Inter-District Tournament.


At the completion of competition each year the ID committee organises a fun bowling day which is called our Christmas Tournament with teams invited from those who bowled in the ID tournament during the year. Games are bowled on a handicap basis and prize money is won for various achievements on the day as well as the distribution of free raffle tickets prizes. Bowlers also enjoy a complimentary luncheon provided by the ID committee.


The final event each year is the presentation dinner at which all the teams are called up to receive their prize notification (all payments are made by EFT) and divisional winning teams are presented with medals and a perpetual trophy. During the evening dozens of lucky door prizes are given away. The last prize to be given away is always the major prize of the evening and is eagerly anticipated by all present.