Division B (Scratch) – Ladder

For all results and scores go to the Downloads page for this weeks full score sheet which includes all team and individual information.

11WINDSOR WOMBATS286945315230017711132937
26HAPPY HOOKERS2761045186830017210352927
32TENPIN CITY POSSE223.5156.5489293001639292625
44FIFTY SHADES OF AWESOME192188470193001569132519
53LIVERPOOL LIONS180.5199.5453963001518712411
65BOWLARAMA LOONEY PINS88.5291.5386303001287942198
High Game & High Series:      
H.T.G.Happy Hookers1035H.T.S.Happy Hookers2927
H.I.G. (F)Hendrika Sharwood238H.I.S. (F)Jessica Stirling596
H.I.G. (M)Geoff Davis255H.I.S. (M)Dyllan Montford650
H.T.G.Windsor Wombats1113H.T.S.Windsor Wombats2937
H.I.G. (F)Jessica Stirling265H.I.S. (F)Jessica Stirling687
H.I.G. (M)Josh Mardel290H.I.S. (M)Josh Mardel704